By: Ken Tripp

Winning Multiple Offers

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Bidding war. There are no two sweeter words for a home seller, and today’s seller’s market may conjure up images of hitting the jackpot on your home by pitting buyers against each other to “win” your home with the highest bid. We’ve hear it happening in Toronto and Vancouver, where homes routinely sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking price...Mean...Read More

By: Ken Tripp

top 5 tips to remember when buying a home

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1-Be honest about your budget The first and most important one. You’re making a big commitment, a big investment. Most likely your biggest ever. If you do it right, you can set yourself up for success for years to come. But if you overextend yourself, reach for that house that may not make the most sense, or bank on future could run into trouble. Start by making a budget and be re...Read More

By: Ken Tripp

Moving away from Ottawa? I can help..Just ask!

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I know it's that time of year where friends and family might be considering re-evaluating their real estate needs, perhaps downsizing because the kids are going off to college, or your parents might want to go to a single level home, or you might know someone who's looking to purchase their first new home or a vacation home down south. You may simply be curious of the value of your home......Read More

By: Ken Tripp

Is your Real Estate Agent full service?

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  Are you getting what you're paying for? Almost all agents will charge you the same fee..but are you getting the same value?  Spring is here, and it's time to get your house on the market, or start looking for that next dream home. Or, maybe both. In which case you DEFINITELY need every bit of help you can get. When you're interviewing potential agents for the job, make su...Read More